Multiple Sclerosis in Childhood: A Single Center Experience

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Childhood, Multiple Sclerosis, Treatment


In this study, the clinical and demographic characteristics of cases diagnosed with pediatric multiple sclerosis (pMS) in a single center between 2018 and 2023 were presented. This is a retrospective study covering fifteen cases aged between 6 and 18 years, who were admitted to the pediatric neurology clinic between January 2018 and 2023, were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and received treatment. Of the 15 cases diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and treatment initiated, 9 were girls (60%) and 6 were boys (40%). The girl/boy ratio was found to be 1.5. The average age of onset of symptoms in the cases was 12.6 years. The average age at diagnosis of the patients was 13.7 years and the median follow-up period was 3.17 years. A family history of multiple sclerosis was positive in one case (6.6%). According to the frequency of initial symptoms of our patients, 8 cases (57.8%) had motor symptoms, 5 cases (47.3%) had sensory symptoms, 4 cases (31.5%) had visual impairment, three cases (36.8%) had brainstem symptoms, and one case (10.5%) had visual impairment. ) cerebellar findings, first presented. MRI changes, periventricular lesions (14 patients, 93.3%), infratentorial changes (11 patients, 73.3%), juxtacortical and cortical changes (9 patients, 60%) and spinal cord involvement in 4 (26.6%) cases. detected.In our study, it was important that optic neuritis cases were slightly higher, it was quite rare under the age of 10, and EDSS scores were low with early treatment. However, multicenter, prospective studies involving larger study populations are needed to understand pMS.


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