Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

1. Gevher Nesibe Journal of Health Sciences is a peer-reviewed, indexed e-journal and is published in February, May, August and November. If necessary, special or additional issues can also be published.

2. Gevher Nesibe Journal of Health Sciences is a journal that publishes studies in the field of health sciences. It only publishes texts related to original scientific articles. In addition, congress and symposium papers can be published as an article, provided that the place, meeting and date of presentation are recorded and they have not been published elsewhere. However, the responsibility of any problems that may arise from this publication activity belongs to the author.

3. The articles submitted to the Gevher Nesibe Journal of Health Sciences must not have been published in any medium before and must not be in the publication evaluation process of another publication when added to the system.

4. Those who want to submit a study for publication in the Gevher Nesibe Journal of Health Sciences should register their manuscripts via the Online Article Submit button and submit it through the system.

5. All transactions from the application to the publication of the article are carried out electronically.

6. The printing and publishing rights of the articles sent to Gevher Nesibe Journal of Health Sciences for publication are transferred to the journal. These articles cannot be published, reproduced or used in another publication without the permission of the journal management.

7. Gevher Nesibe Journal of Health Sciences can publish the texts it has published in various channels such as indexing and social media in order to ensure prevalence.

8. Any legal, legal, economic and ethical responsibilities that may arise from the articles sent to the Gevher Nesibe Journal of Health Sciences belong to the authors, even if the article is published. The journal does not accept any liability.

9. Gevher Nesibe Journal of Health Sciences Publishing languages: Turkish and English

10. The article application fee of our journal is 1500 TL (the fee is paid in cash in accordance with the associate professorship criteria of UAK). After you upload your article through our system, our editor will contact you and inform you about the payment. Except for the journal application fee, no fee will be charged for the publication of your article.

The text of the decision taken at the General Assembly of the UAK dated March 7, 2019 is as follows:

The following journals can be used in the associate professorship application requirements (declaration):
• Journals that charge a fee at the time of article submission, regardless of acceptance/rejection conditions.
• Journals that charge a fee to make the relevant article open access, although it works on a subscription basis.
• Journals that do not charge any fee from the authors during the publication of the article The relevant link is below (Article 44)