Manuscript Evaluation Process

  1. Manuscripts sent to the journal must be written in accordance with the journal's writing rules.
  2. The articles sent to the journal are first examined for plagiarism, and if there is a plagiarism rate of more than 20%, they are returned to the author. Therefore, in order not to cause loss of time and labor, the authors should carefully examine the rules of the journal, pass it through the plagiarism program and upload it to the system.
  3. For studies that require an ethics committee decision, an "ethics committee decision document" should be uploaded to the system and should be specified in the "material and method" section of the article.
  4. After the article is sent to the journal for publication, none of the authors can be deleted from the list of names without the written consent of all authors, in the same way, no name can be added as an author and the order of authors cannot be changed.
  5. At least two blind referees are appointed for each manuscript to be reviewed for publication. Manuscripts are evaluated by considering their importance, originality and scientific validity. The articles that pass this review are re-evaluated by the editorial board.
  6. The average time for the preliminary evaluation of the articles is 7±3 working days.
  7. The average time for reviewing articles is 15 working days.
  8. The average time the article is published is 45 days (4-6 weeks).
  9. The editorial board may make the necessary edits in the manuscripts it accepts for publication, without changing the content of the manuscript. The journal has the authority to make corrections in the articles, to request changes in the format and to make abbreviations within the knowledge of the authors. The relevant articles will not be included in the publication program until the necessary arrangements from the authors are made.
  10. Submitted articles are queued for publication with the approval of the Editorial Board. Manuscripts and their attachments (photographs, tables, figures, etc.) that are not accepted for publication are not returned unless otherwise stated.