Long Term Follow up COVID-19 Patients

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  • Zülfer OBUZ
  • Gamze KIRKIL Firat University




COVID-19, post-COVID, radiology, quality of life questionnaires


This study aimed to investigate the presence of symptoms that persist after discharge in patients with COVID-19 and their effects on quality of life.

Ninety COVID-19 patients who were hospitalized between January and April 2021 were included in the study. Demographic data, comorbidities, imaging and laboratory findings of the patients were recorded. During the follow-up visits, the patients' symptoms were questioned, quality of life questionnaires were filled out, laboratory findings were recorded, and radiological examinations were performed.

It was determined that 28 of the patients did not require O2 (Group 1), 46 required O2 (Group 2), and 16 required IMV-NIMV (Group 3). There was no difference between the 3 groups in terms of gender. It was determined that the average age and comorbidity rate of Group 3 was higher than Group 1 and Group 2. Among the thorax CT findings, ground glass opacity and consolidation were the most common findings. Since all patients in Group 3 died during hospitalization, they could not be included in post-COVID evaluation. In the 3rd month post-COVID, the reticular pattern and ground glass ratio were determined to be higher in Group 2 than in Group 1. In the 6th month post-COVID, only 2 patients in Group 2 had pathological findings on Thorax CT. It was determined that 88.6% of all patients had symptoms in the 3rd post-COVID month, and the most common symptoms were fatigue and myalgia. It was determined that none of the cases had symptoms in the 6th month post-COVID. In the surveys evaluating the quality of life conducted in the 3rd and 6th months of post-COVID, it was determined that there was no difference between the groups, and the majority of patients in both groups returned to their pre-COVID health status.

In conclusion, patients diagnosed with COVID-19 should be followed after discharge, because symptoms and signs may persist for up to 6 months. It can be thought that the risk of post-COVID sequelae is low in patients who do not need intensive care during hospitalization.

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Zülfer OBUZ



Gamze KIRKIL , Firat University




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