Evaluation of CoronavirusFear, Covid 19 Anxiety, Covid 19 Obsession and Depression State of Nursing Students

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  • Sahide AKBULUT Kadın Sağlığı ve Doğum Hemşireliği
  • Ayşegül KILIÇLI Batman University, Faculty of Health Science, Batman, Türkiye




Nursing Student, Fear of Coronavirus, Coronavirus Anxiety, Coronavirus Obsession and Depression


Objective:  This study is aimed to evaluate the fear of coronavirus, coronavirus obsession and depression, and coronavirus anxiety state of nursing department students at the university.

Methods:  It is a cross-sectional study. The sample consisted of 449 nursing students. Data were collected between 01-30 April 2022. The primary results of the research are fear of coronavirus, coronavirus obsession and depression, coronavirus anxiety.

Results:  The mean coronavirus fear score of nursing students was found to be 17.2. Coronavirus was found to have caused anxiety in 6% of the students, obsession in 16.3%, and depression in 38.1%.  A very significant correlation was found between fear and anxiety, fear and obsession, anxiety and obsession (p<0.05). A moderately positive and significant correlation was found between fear, anxiety and obsession and the mean depression score (p<0.05). In addition, it was determined that coronavirus-related anxiety increased depression 10.6 times (95% CI [3.61-31.36]) and coronavirus-related obsession increased depression 3.6 times (95% CI [2.17-6.21]) in students (p<0.05).

Conclusion  It was revealed that the mean scores of coronavirus-related fear, anxiety, obsession, and depression of nursing students for were high, indicating that students were severely impacted by the pandemic.sciences.


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