Bibliometric Analysis of Mobbing and Bullying Research in Nursing with Scientific Mapping Technique

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Bibliometric Analysis, Bullying, Mobbing, Nurse, Nurse Care


Objective:  Violence against nurses has become a worldwide public health issue and has therefore been the focus of numerous publications; however, publications made despite this were not handled with bibliometric analysis. This research was conducted to conduct a bibliometric analysis of studies focusing on workplace violence experienced by nurses in the last 25 years.

Methods:  This bibliometric study was conducted from 1996 to 2021 in the field of workplace violence in nurses using the Web of Science (WoS) database. In order to reach mobbing-themed articles in the field of nursing, the articles were searched in the WoS database.  During the search, documents in the English language Article or Review Article were scanned to reach the terms "Mobbing" or "Bullying" together with the terms "Nurse" or "Nurse care." The year 2022 has been excluded.

Results: It is seen that there has been an increase in the number of studies examining violence against nurses in recent years, and these studies are in the United States. The samples of the studies consist of both working nurses and nursing students. Studies mostly deal with the violence that nurses are exposed to in the workplace.

Conclusion: This research shows that there are few studies examining violence against nurses only, and although it is a global problem, it is only addressed in a few countries. In order to provide quality and safe patient care to patients in health care, highly motivated nurses are needed. One of the most important factors reducing motivation in nurses is mobbing. In this study, it was seen that mobbing applied to nurses was discussed only in developed countries. However, violence is a global problem, and it is necessary to increase the awareness of nurse managers and prevent violence.


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