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A Comparison Of Class II Division 2 Treatments With Adjustable And Connecticut Intrusion Arches

Aim: The aim of the study is to compare the results of Class II division 2 (Class II/2) treatments with the Adjustable intrusion arch (AIA) and Connecticut intrusion arch (CIA). Method: 24 subjects were included in this study. The AIA group had 12 patients, and the CIA group also had 12 patients. The measurements were obtained on Pre- (T1) and post- (T2) treatment lateral cephalometric films. For the intra-group comparisons, a paired t-test was used for data indicated normal distribution, while a Wilcoxon Signed test was used for data nonindicated normal distribution. For inter-groups, the average treatment changes were compared by using independent t-test for data indicated normal distribution and the Mann-Whitney U-test for data nonindicated normal distribution. Results: In the AIA and CIA groups, between T1 and T2 stages, statistically significant changes for incisor protrusion and overbite did not differ significantly between groups. Conclusion: According to the results of this study, AIA and CIA produced similar effects in Class II/2 treatment.

Adjustable Intrusion Arch, Connecticut Intrusion Arch, Class II Division 2 Treatment


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