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The Effect Of Kangaroo Care Training On Healthcare Professionals' Knowledge Levels

Introductıon: Kangaroo care is a method of care applied by laying new or early newborn babies in a way that skin contact is made on the breast of a mother, father or other family member. In this study, it was aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of kangaroo care education. Method: The study, in which pretest-posttest single-group semi-experimental work order was used, was carried out in four different hospitals in İzmir, where the maternity services were actively carried out, and those who provided services in the delivery room and neonatal intensive care units participated (n: 108). In the collection of study data, a participant introduction form consisting of 34 questions to determine the demographic characteristics of healthcare workers and a pre-training and post-training evaluation form were applied. SPSS 22 Program was used to analyze the data and descriptive statistics and t test analyzes were applied in dependent groups. Results: 87 health personnel participated in the training. The average age of health professionals participating in the training is 32 ± 10 (min: 18, max: 56). It was observed that 38.9% of the healthcare professionals participating in the training work in the neonatal intensive care unit,17.2% work in the delivery room, 44.8% work in different units. 79.3% of the participants have heard of kangaroo before. The average pre-education score of healthcare workers was 67.95 ± 21.20 (min: 12, max: 100), and the mean score after training was 78.62 ± 10.93 (min: 50, max: 95). Dıscussıon and Conclusıon: As a result of the study, a statistically significant difference was obtained in terms of mean scores before and after the training. ignificant increase in post-test knowledge scores compared to pre-test; It has been evaluated as an important result in terms of demonstrating the need for continuous training for healthcare professionals to obtain evidence-based information and to keep this information up-to-date.

Kangaroo Care, Health Worker, Knowledge Level


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