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Narcissistic Personality Characteristics, Workaholism, And Loneliness At Work: A Research On Nurse Managers

Objective: Narcissistic personality characteristics, workaholism and loneliness at work in particular affect directly the managers’ success in the workplace environment. The aim of this study is to define the socio-demographic characteristics affecting the narcissistic personality characteristics and workaholism levels of the nurse managers as well as their experiences of loneliness at work. Methods: The study was conducted in a descriptive design. The data of the study were obtained from 173 nurse managers working in public and private sectors in Istanbul. An introductory information form with 6 questions and three scales were used as data collection tools (Loneliness at Work Scale, Narcissistic Personality Inventory short form, Dutch Work Addiction Scale) Results: The mean scores obtained from the Narcissistic Personality Inventory were found to be significant in favor of the administrative nurses working in private hospitals (Public = 3.60 ± 2.46, Private = 4.97 ± 2.65) (p = 0.008). It was found that Dutch Work Addiction Scale and its sub-dimensions made statistically significant difference (scale sum p = 0.040; Compulsive study p = 0.018) in the compulsive study sub-dimension and scale total of the working year as a manager. It was found that the age group and the type of the institution worked were statistically significant (p <0.05), the total working time in the institution and the working year as a manager made a significant difference (p <0.01). Conclusion: Narcissistic personality traits, workaholicity and workplace loneliness are among the negative organizational behavior issues. It is an important finding that managers who work in the private sector, who have little managerial experience and younger age score higher. Strategies should be developed for these issues in order to prevent negativities such as burnout and poor performance of managers and employees.

Loneliness at work, Narcissistic personality characteristics, Workaholism


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