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Identifying the Attitude of Nurses for Ethical Principles at Health Care Applications

Purpose: The research was carried out methodologically and descriptively in order to identify the attitudes of nurses for ethical principles. Materials and Method: The survey has been made with 653 nurses working at 7 education and research hospitals and 4 private hospitals in Istanbul “Verse Form” and “Scale for Attitudes of Ethical Principles” have been used as the data collection tool. Results: The general point of Scale for Attitudes of Ethical Principles (EİTÖ) was (65.33±12.02), the dimension points of the scale were determined as follows: justice dimension was (13.54±3.83), endamaging dimension was (7.42±2.25), honesty dimension was (14.15±3.56), respect to autonomy dimension was (14.99±3.97), getting benefit dimension was (8.65±2.76), privacy-secretion dimension was (15.076±5.219). Cronbach Alpha internal consistency coefficient of the scale was calculated as 0.85. Conclusion: It was determined that the Attitude Scale towards Ethical Principles is highly valid and reliable, and it is a sufficient measurement tool to determine the attitudes of nurses towards ethical principles. It has been found out that the EİTÖ points of nurses, who have worked long years, have post-graduate or bachelor’s level, are at the ages of 38 or over, have children, have chosen their job with their own will and been working fondly, have chosen their present unit with their own will, are lower and there have been meaningful difference statistically (p<.05).

Key Words: Nurse; Ethic; Scale for Attitudes of Ethical Principles; Hospital


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