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Comparison of Quality of Life and Marital Adjustment of Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Women with Epilepsy

Introduction: Epilepsy affects not only women themselves but also the baby they carry in a pregnancy situation. In epilepsy, it is thought that marital adjustment during pregnancy will be important in spouses’ QoL and healthy pregnancy. For these reasons, the aim of the study was to compare the QoL and marital adjustment of pregnant women with epilepsy (PWE) and non-pregnant women with epilepsy (NPWE). Methods: This study was conducted between October 2016-2017 on female outpatients with epilepsy who were followed-up two hospital. A diagnostic form for determining their socio-demographic characteristics, a form questioning the characteristics of the disease, a scale of QoL in patients with epilepsy and a marital adjustment scale were administered. Results: In a sample of 93 NPWE and 31 PWE of respondents reported considering the disease characteristics, it was found that the majority of them had focal epilepsy, used AEDs and took their medication regularly. Most reported that they did not use any birth control method before conception and that their illness would not prevent them from caring for their baby. However, all of them wanted someone to stay with them after they give birth. The PWE’s QoL and marital adjustment were better than the NPWE’s. The regression analysis that was conducted showed that the PWE’s marital adjustment got worsened as their duration of marriage increased (ß=–0.739;R2=0.413). However, there was no correlation between the duration of marriage and marital adjustment of the NPWE. Improved marital adjustment in both groups improved QoL (PWE’s ß=0.299,R2=0.309;NPWE’s ß=2.735, R2=0.139). Concluisons: This study provides, it is understood that marital adjustment and support of women with epilepsy is effective in improving the QoL. In this regard, it is thought that the inclusion of spouses in prenatal care will contribute to disease management and healthy maintenance of the spouse in providing marital support/adjustment.

Quality of life, marital adjustment, epilepsy, pregnancy.


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