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Skin Cancer and Solar Knowledge Level of Seasonal Agricultural Women Workers

Introduction: Although the ultraviolet rays are the most significant factors in the formation of skin cancer, the harmful effect of the sun cause various skin diseases. Seasonal agricultural workers constitute the main labor force of the agricultural sector in Turkey. The aim of the study to determine the skin cancer and solar knowledge of the seasonal agricultural women workers. Material and Method: 154 seasonal agricultural women workers were included in the descriptive study. The questionnaire examining the Skin Cancer and Solar Knowledge Scale and the socio-demographic aspects of the participants was applied through face-to-face survey and data were collected accordingly. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences software was used in the analysis of data. Results: It was observed that the majority of the participants were between 18-24 years old and they have very limited knowledge of skin cancer and solar exposure. In addition, it was ascertained that the level of knowledge decreases when the age of women increases.The level of knowing the risk factors of skin cancer wasfound to be higher in women having a high school education or higher in comparison to the women who graduated from primary school. It was concluded that the level of knowledge of women living in the province is higher than the women residing in the countryside. Conclusion: Since the seasonal agricultural workers are included in the risk group in terms of skin cancer, we hereby recommend organizing training to raise the knowledge levels and starting the periodic implementation of cancer screening and monitoring programs.

Seasonal Agricultural Worker, Skin Cancer, Sun


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