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The Role of Breast Mılk in The Cırcadıan Rhythm In Newborns

The circadian rhythm regulates various physiological and psychological events such as sleep/wake rhythms, body temperature, blood pressure, hormone synthesis and release in living organisms in a period of approximately 24 hours. In the postnatal period, the immature circadian rhythm of the baby develops rapidly under the influence of environmental factors such as nutrition, light, and mother-infant interaction. Breastfeeding is universally the most appropriate method for infant feeding in the first year after birth. In addition to being a nutrient for babies, breast milk plays an active role in the formation of the baby's circadian rhythm by transmitting information about the time of day to babies through components such as hormones and immune elements. In this context, while cortisol and amino acids that promote activity are high in breast milk during the day, high levels of melatonin and tryptophan in night milk, on the contrary, promote sleep in infants, relieve digestion and support growth and development. The circadian rhythm, which develops rapidly in the first three months of life, is essential for the health and development of the baby, as well as for the temporal harmony within the family and especially for the coordination between the mother and the baby. Babies in case of disruption of circadian rhythm or delayed formation; may face health problems related to sleep, metabolism and neurocognitive development. In this study, the role of breast milk in infancy, which is an important stage in the formation of circadian rhythm, was investigated.

Breast Milk, Circadian Rhythm, Nursing. Newborn.


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