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Evaluatıon of the Effect of Weıght Cycle on Nutrıtıonal Status and Type 2 Dıabetes Development Rısk in Women

This study aims evaluating the mediating role of psychological resilience in the effect of intolerance to uncertainty on unemployment anxiety, particularly in terms of nursing, other departments of health sciences, and social sciences. Data of this descriptive/cross-sectional study was collected between October and December 2020 via online survey method. Totally 634 students participated. Data were analysed with SmartPLS SEM software. Descriptive statistical analysis, confirmatory factor analyzes, structural equation modeling, mediation, and reliability analyses were performed. The positive and significant relationship was found between intolerance to uncertainty and unemployment anxiety and the negative and significant relationship was determined between these two variables and psychological resilience. University students were examined according to the departments; the positive impact of psychological resilience on unemployment anxiety was higher in nursing students compared to the others. Psychological resilience appears to be important for managing anxiety-related problems such as intolerance of uncertainty and unemployment anxiety. It can be thought that educational content should be created in a way that will increase the psychological resilience of other students as well as nursing students.

intolerance to uncertainty, unemployment anxiety, psychological resilience, nursing students, undergraduate students, COVID-19


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