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(Correct Mask Usage Status, Pandemıc Perceptıon and Affectıng Factors in The Covıd-19 Pandemıc Process

Introduction: In this study, it was aimed to examine the factors affecting the correct use of masks and pandemic perception during the COVID-19 pandemic process. Materials and Methods: In the study, together with the use of the correct mask, socio-demographic characteristics, attitudes and behaviors towards the use of masks, knowing and applying the precautions to prevent the epidemic, following the number of cases in Turkey and in the world, seeing the pandemic as lethal and contagious, seeing the restrictions applied as necessary, frequency of hand washing compared to the pre-pandemic period and An increase in the stress level, a decrease in the frequency of home visits and a different intervention to the products brought to the house were examined. Results: In this study, those who said that they always used a mask in communicating with people during the pandemic process were 54.4%, and 91.6% said that they used the mask like cover their mouth and nose. However, according to the observations of the researchers, the frequency of correct use of masks was found to be 64.0%. Although 93.2% of the participants thought it necessary to use a mask, 20.0% of them stated that they used a mask because it was forbidden. 87.6% of the people said that the pandemic actually existed and was of significant size, 12.4% said the pandemic was present, but it was insignificant or that there was no pandemic. In the multiple analyzes made; The opinion that the pandemic is real and significant in people over the age of 50, people who find the contagiousness of the microorganism high, people who follow the number of cases in the country and volunteer to wear a mask for protection although it is not prohibited, was found to be significantly high. The correct use of masks was found to be significantly higher in individuals who had know persons with COVID-19 and found the lethality of the pandemic high. Conclusion: Although the use of masks was found to be high in our research area, the correct use of masks is not sufficient. However, it can be said that people's perception of the pandemic is at a sufficient level.

COVID-19, Mask, Pandemic, Perception


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