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Evaluatıon of Care Load and Emotıonal Intellıgence Level of Care for Cancer Patıents

Objective: This research is a cross-sectional study sesigned to evaluate the caregiving burden and emotional intelligence level of individuals caring for cancer patients. Materials-methods: The research was carried out between 01.11.2017-31.12.2018 in Medical Oncology, Hematology clinic and polyclinics. The sample of the study consisted of 238 caregivers over the age of 18 who could read and write in Turkish, , and volunteered to participate in the study. Research data were collected using personal data collection form, Schutte Emotional Intelligence Scale and Zarit Care Burden Scale. Research data were analyzed with Spearman Correlation analysis, Kruskal Wallis Test, Dunn's Test and Mann Whitney U tests. Results: In the study, 63% of the caregivers were female, 40.3% were between the ages of 20-40, most of them are high school graduates (30.7%) and married (64.3%). The total median point of caregivers care burden interview is 44.97 (21.00-82.00) and the total median point of the emotional intelligence scale is 160.49±16,181. The median score of caregivers' burden of care, according to education level, family type, income status, place of residence and treatment applied to the patient; Emotional intelligence total median score differs statistically significantly according to education level and place of residence (p<0.05). In the study, a weak positive correlation was found between the caregiving burden median score and the emotional intelligence median scores (r=0.240; p<0.005). Conclusion: In this study, moderate caregiving burden was determined in caregivers of cancer patients. It was determined that the caregiver burden and emotional intelligence level of caregivers were affected by some socio-demographic factors, and as the level of emotional intelligence increased, the burden of care increased.

Cancer, Caregiver, Caregiver Burden, Emotional Intelligence, Nursing


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