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Views of Physicians on the Persistence and Efficiency of Basic Medical Sciences Education

Introduction: In this study, it is aimed to contribute to the persistence of the basic medical sciences education given in medical faculties, how much it can be integrated into clinical science practices and to the development of education. Materials and Methods: The study was planned in a descriptive type and a questionnaire was applied to collect the data. The population of the study consisted of medical faculty graduates and there was no limitation in the selection of the sample. The level of agreement with the statements was graded from 1 to 5 with Likert-type scaling. In the study with a total of 205 participants, numbers and percentages were used for the data. Results: Of the physicians 59.5% stated that the basic medical sciences courses they took were not sufficient and permanent for their professional life, 69.74% of them stated that the course topics in basic medical sciences education are too detailed, 60.48% of them stated they could not integrate the education they received in basic medical sciences into clinical sciences, 82.91% stated that it would be more beneficial to give basic medicine and clinical medical sciences courses simultaneously, and 86.82% of them stated that the technology-adapted auxiliary course tools will increase the quality of basic medical education. Conclusion: In today's world where important developments are experienced in medical education, innovations are needed in order to train physicians in the best way. For this, it is necessary to work on a system in which basic medicine and clinical medical sciences are integrated, the course curriculum is revised and a strong technological infrastructure is provided.

Medical Education, Integration, Technology, Questionnaire


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