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Investigation Of The Relationships And Affecting Factors Between Psychological Needs And Attitudes Of Seeking Psychological Help Of Mothers Of Babies Developing Neonatal Jaundice

Objective: This study was carried out to examine the correlation between the psychological needs of mothers of infants with neonatal jaundice and their attitudes towards seeking psychological help and the influencing factors. Materials and Methods: This study was conducted as a correlation seeker in a cross-sectional descriptive design. The sample of the study consisted of the mothers of 70 infants with neonatal jaundice who were treated in the neonatal intensive care unit of a state hospital and a private hospital between November 2017 and March 2018. Personal Information Form, Help Seeking Attitude Scale, and Basic Psychological Needs Scale were used to collect data. In the statistical analysis of the data, Shapiro test, frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, Mann-Whitney U and Kruskal-Wallis tests, Spearman's correlation and multiple regression tests, Cronbach's Alpha test were used. The statistical significance level was accepted as p<0.05. Results: The mean age of the mothers participating in the study was 28.84, most of them were high school graduates(45.7%), planned pregnancy(84.3%), developed newborns jaundice after discharge from the hospital(88.6%), thought that they gave adequate care to their baby (74.3%), stated that he spared enough time for his baby(80%). It was determined that 15.8% of the mothers thought that they could not fulfill their motherhood duties well, 40% were unprofitable in this regard, 7.1% thought that their baby was being treated in the hospital because of them, and 44.3% were undecided on this issue. The rate of mothers who think that they should know beforehand that their baby has jaundice is 50%, the rate of those who are undecided is 31.4%. It was determined that feeling the psychological need for relationship/beloning increased the scores of positive attitudes towards seeking psychological help regarding Interpersonal Openness(β=0.46) and Strain(β=0.31) (p<0.05). The positive attitude towards seeking psychological help related to Interpersonal Openness(β=0.30), Social Acceptance(β=0.35) and Feeling Need(β=0.38), and Competence Need(β=0.28) was determined to increase(P<0.05).

Neonatal jaundice, seeking help, psychological need


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