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Home Care Needs Of Patients Undergoing The Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery

Objective: The study was planned to determine the home care needs of patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Materials and Methods: The sample of this descriptive study consisted of 90 patients who had undergone coronary artery bypass graft surgery in a university hospital, were given home care for at least six months after discharge, and applied to the outpatient clinic for routine control. In the questionnaire form, which was used to collect study data, there were questions about patients' introductory information, activities of daily living, and home care needs. In order to evaluate the obtained data, number, percentage and chi-square analyzes were performed using the Statistical Package for Social Science. Results: 86.7% of the patients included in the study stated that they did not have any need during home care. 4.9% of the patients stated that they had self-care needs, 4.4% social, 2.2% psychological and 1.8% physiological needs. It was determined that 91.1% of patient relatives helped with their home care. Conclusion: Determining the individual characteristics and learning needs of patients undergoing CABG surgery, taking into account the family member who is planned to assist in home care, planning and applying discharge education in the areas they need the most will contribute to the conduct of their home care.

Coronary artery bypass graft, surgery, home care, nursing.


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