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miRNAs AND miRNA Gene Variations In Cancer Development and Progression

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are short non-coding RNA class and perform regulatory functions at the post transcriptional level as tumor suppressors or oncogenes. miRNAs are effective in cell differentiation, cell proliferation and apoptosis regulation in normal development processes. miRNA gene variations associated with gene silencing mechanisms, , pri-miRNA, pre-miRNA, mat-miRNA gene variations, genetic cariations in target sites of miRNAs have been identified. Significant changes may occur in miRNA expression levels as a result of genetic variations defined in miRNA genes. Therefore, it is thought that genetic variations in miRNA genes may be biomarkers that can play an important role in cancer formation, prognosis and progression. MiRNA function disorder due to miRNA-mediated dysregulation in target genes that may occur as a result of miRNA gene variations in the diagnosis and progression of various types of cancer should be evaluated. In addition, determining miRNAs and miRNA gene variations in target genes that affect drug behavior in increasing the effectiveness of drugs is very important in terms of developing new treatment methods and different therapeutic strategies for various cancer types. In this review, it is aimed to examine the potential roles of miRNAs and miRNA gene variations in cancer development, progression and treatment.

Cancer, miRNA biogenesis, miRNA expression, miRNA gene variations


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