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Introduction Upper extremity stability and mobility come together at performing daily activities and sport activities,and provides these activities being done functionally. Aim Aim of this study is searching the relationship between upper extremity stability and total body performance in college students. Materials and Method 11 volunteer women who had no shoulder pain,had no injuries/surgeries during the last year, didn’t engage in sports,didn’t have any disease and didn’t use any drugs that would affect the balance were included.Upper extremity stability was measured using Y-BalanceTest(YBT).To measure total performance,Backward Overhead Medicine BallTest(BOMBT),Pro-Agility Test(PAT) and Single Leg SquatTest(SLST)were used.The best scores collected for data analyze. Results The mean age of the subjects was 20.36 years(±0.50).The mean BOMBT score was 3.54m.(±0.89),the mean PAT score was 8.33sn.(±0.73),the mean SLST was 35 repeat(±9.78).Right YBT composite value was 45,36 cm.(±7,65),left YBT composite value was 43,36 cm.(±4,81).There was a significant relationship between right YBT composite value and BOMBT(p<0.05).There was a significant relationship between right upper extremity stability/mobility,and left upper extremity stability/mobility(p<0.01).Correlation wasn’t found between PAT,SLST and upper extremity stability. Conclusion Significant relationship between composite value of the right YBT and BOMBT supports the literature,demonstrates increased stability of the right upper extremity and positively affects the explosive force generation.The fact that all subjects are right-handed also contributes to outcome.Our study,which is easy to understand,cost-free,don’t need for any equipment,can be used on subjects with musculoskeletal problems.Significant relationship between the right and left YBT composite values of both extremities consistent with the literature may be due to the fact that we performed the test on healthy subjects.According to our study,in the history of pathology/trauma in one upper extremity,the data of the healthy side may give physiotherapists an idea about the other side.The absence of a relationship between PAT,SLST and upper extremity stability may be due to the low number of subjects and inability of subjects to engage in sports.

Upper extremity stability, Y-Balance Test, Backward Overhead Medicine Ball Test, Pro-agility Test, Single Leg Squat Test.


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