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The Relationship Between Neck Endurance, Range Of Motion And Posture In Women With Neck Pain

Introduction: Neck pain is a common musculoskeletal system problem and it gets worse as technology advances. Neck pain caused by many factors.Neck pain brings with it many problems. Aim: This study is a preliminary study aiming to show the relationship between neck pain, endurance, normal joint motion and posture. Method: Participants with neck pain who dont have thorocal or servical injury/surgery history were included the study. Neck pain was measured with Neck Pain and Disability Scale (NPAD).Neck joint’s Range of Motion(ROM) was recorded with goniometer.Proprioception was evaluated with modified laser pointer.Pointer detected points which were found on left and right sides while participants’ eyes were opened and closed.Endurance was found with cranioservical flexion test by using stabilizer device.Posture was measured by using New York Posture Analyze (NPA). Findings: 15 female participants were included the study ; mean age is 21,4±2,02 years, body mass index is 21,74±3,34kg/m², NPAD score is 20 or more, neck ROM results; flexion is 43,80±5,87,extension is 44,27±9,61,right lateral flexion is 41,33±8,30,left lateral flexion is 38±7,70,right rotation is 58,53±9,19,left rotation is 55,67±9,41 degree. The angle of declination was found 6,99±2,33°. Cranioservical flexion test score is 34,53±26,74mmHg. The correlation between decreased neck rotation and decreased neck extansion was detected (p<0.05). There is no correlation between neck endurance and proprioception (p>0.05). NPA score is 56,27±8,35 point. Result: In literature, there is a relationship between neck proprioception and endurance. This study doesn’t support the literature in this sense. Increasing of proprioceptions’ declination angle points to decrase of proprioception. It is known that fatigue is one of the factors which affects proprioception. Not detecting participants’ fatigue level is our study’s limiting factor. We recommend to record goniometric and tape measure results by using more objective and technological devices.

Neck Pain, Cervical Endurance, Range Of Motion, Posture, Proprioception.


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