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As healthcare systems move from pay-per-service to alternative payment models and consumers gain access to more healthcare options, patient satisfaction becomes increasingly important to the financial performance of healthcare providers and to patient health. In this context, patient satisfaction is a complex structure. A critical review of articles published in the Quality Management Journal (QMJ) on patient satisfaction is included to assist researchers and general practitioners. Researchers use the basic holistic quality framework as a preliminary step to evaluate the contributions and shortcomings of studies. In previous studies, it was concluded that the QMJ research focused on patient satisfaction from the perspective of the healthcare delivery system. However, the following criteria are less frequently mentioned: First; to understand patients' perceptions of their experiences and how these perceptions affect satisfaction and perceived quality. The second one is; to determine the expectations of the patients regarding what features should be provided during healthcare services. In this study, first of all, studies in the literature on the subject have been reached, and the findings of the research have been compiled and made into a report. The details of the studies carried out for patient satisfaction measurements and quality practices are tabulated. In this table created for the study, the name of the study, the names of the authors, the type of the study, the problem of the study, the number of participants in the study, the purpose of the study, the analyzes made in the study, where the study was applied, the findings obtained from the study and the results to be obtained from the study are included. As a result, widely used satisfaction measures, including consumer evaluation surveys of healthcare providers and healthcare systems, have fallen short. The study review is expected to guide researchers in developing further research agendas to understand patient satisfaction.

Health Sector, Patient Satisfaction Measurement, Quality Practices


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