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Comparison of Relaxing Effects of Sufi and Gregorian Music on People with High State Anxiety Levels

ABSTRACT Objective: The aim of this study is to compare therelaxing effects of two religious music in people who has normal trait anxiety levels but high state anxiety levels and to investigate if the relaxing effect is relevant to cultural background. Methods: Sixty university students, aged between 20 and 25 with no psychiatric illnesses and no visual or hearing impairment were enrolled in this study. The participants were divided into subgroups consisting of ten people each. The two music applications were performed in two different sessions for each participants. All participants were given the trait anxiety inventory (STAI-2) at the beginning of the study, and state anxiety inventory (STAI-1) before the visual anxiety triggering material and after the music applications. Results: Both Sufi and Gregorian music caused a decrease in STAI-1 anxiety points, however, Sufi music was significantly effective in relieving anxiety compared to Gregorian music. Conclusion: The relatively more relaxing effect of Sufi music among participants may be due to the cultural archetypes.

Anxiety, Music, Sufi music, Gregorian music


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