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Examination of anxiety levels and stress coping styles of during early stage of COVID-19 pandemic

INTRODUCTION: It is aimed to examine the anxiety levels and stress coping styles of individuals between the ages of 18-65 in the early period of the COVID-19 pandemic. METHODS: The sample of the study consisted of 503 individuals, from 24 March to 25 April 2020. Data were collected online using Personal Information Form, State-Trait Anxiety Scale (STAI) and Stress Coping Styles Scale (SCSS). Descriptive and parametric tests were used to analyze the data. RESULTS: Of the participants 72.4% were women and 56.9% were between the ages of 17-28. In the early period of COVID-19, 30.2% of the participants stated that they felt depressive and 30.4% felt anxious emotions. In addition, 57.7% of the participants went out of the house to shop. While the STAI mean scores of women were significantly higher than men, the SCSS Self-Confident approach and Optimistic approach subscale scores were found to be significantly lower. As there was a negative relationship between STAI and the Self-confident approach, Optimistic approach and Seeking social support subscales of SCSS, it was found that there was a positive relationship between the Desperate approach and Submissive approach subscales. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: : It can be said that individuals experience depressive and anxious emotions, women experience more anxiety, and men use self-confident and optimistic approach-type coping styles more than women. In addition, in case of an epidemic, it was observed that individuals use desperate and submissive coping styles as their anxiety levels increase.

COVID-19, anxiety, stress, coping styles.


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