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Knowledge and Hygiene Practices of Pregnant Women Regarding CMV Infection

Aim: Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a herpes virus and a common pathogen responsible for congenital infection in 4-23% of all newborns. The objective of this study was to assess the pregnant women’s knowledge of CMV infection and to investigate their hygienic practices when attending to their young children. Material and Method: This study was carried out at ….. obstetric outpatient clinic. Inclusion criteria were pregnant women 1) who were able to communicate in Turkish, 2) who had at least one child < 5 years of age. We excluded pregnant participants who were health workers. Participants were approached by a medical college student and informed about the study. After giving consent they were asked to fill out a questionnaire which included demographic questions, knowledge questions regarding CMV infection and questions regarding hygienic practices when giving care to their young children. The questionnaires were collected and a total behavioral score was calculated taking into account positive and negative hygienic practices. Results: A total of two hundred and twenty five participants were involved in the survey. Only 86 (38.2%) of the participants in our study had heard of congenital CMV infection. CMV awareness was correlated with having higher education (p:0.02) and employment status (p=0.03). The behavioral score was not correlated with age (p=0.98), educational attainment ( p=0.11), employment status (p=0.9) or number of children, (p=0.87). Conclusion: In this cross sectional study we have shown that CMV infection knowledge of mothers is low and that they do not adhere to adequate sanitation measures. Strategies to raise awareness and initiating education programs are necessary as further action.

Cytomegalovirus, patient knowledge, awareness, behavior, pregnancy


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