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Consultancy and Care With Ex-PLISSIT Model in Genital Aesthetic Surgery

Recent years with the widespread use of social media, the aesthetic perception of societies has started to change. People, with the desire to be liked, turn to plastic surgery with the importance they attach to physical appearance. Women's aesthetic genital surgery operations also show a parallel trend with this trend. Aesthetic surgery operations performed in the genital area are mostly designed and focused on sexual satisfaction and attractiveness. Among these procedures that do not have a medical indication, the most common ones are; labiaplasty, perineoplasty, vaginoplasty, hymenectomy and G-point amplification. Although the operations are performed by gynecology and plastic and reconstructive surgery specialists, pre-and postoperative care is provided to the patient by midwives and nurses. In this context, in this review, it is aimed to evaluate the counseling and care role of midwives and nurses with the Ex-PLISSIT Model, as well as the recommendations of international obstetrics and gynecology associations for genital aesthetic surgery operations and these operations.

Genital aesthetic surgery, nursing, midwifery, Ex-PLISSIT model, counseling, care


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