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The Effect Of Structural And Psychologıcal Empowerment Of Surgıcal Nurses On Patıent And Employee Safety Culture

Aim: This study was conducted to determine the effect of surgical nurses' structural and psychological empowerment on patient and employee safety culture.Background: Nurses constitute the most critical element of the healthcare workforce. Empowering nurses is essential for patients, healthcare institutions, and the community and benefits for employees. Method: The sample of this study, which is relational and cross-sectional, consisted of a total of 153 nurses working in the surgical clinics and operating rooms of two public hospitals. The data were collected using the "Introductory Information Form," Structural Empowerment Scale(SES), Psychological Empowerment Scale (PES), Patient Safety Culture Scale (PSCS), and Employee Safety Culture Scale(ESCS). SPPS 25.0 statistics package program was used to evaluate the data. Results: The Structural Empowerment Scale(SES)total score average of the surgical nurses participating in the study was 3.36 ± .49 at an acceptable level, the total score of the PES was 5.13 ± .09, good, and the PSCS total score was 3.12 ±, 29 good, and the ESCS average score was 3.56 ±.54. As a result of the regression analysis performed between the SES and PES sub-dimensions and the patient and employee safety culture sub-dimensions, a significant and positive relationship was found between them (p <0.05). Conclusion: Surgical nurses with a high perception of structural and psychological strengthening will have high job satisfaction, and thus they will be able to provide safer health care. Implications for Nursing Management: It is to reinforce the studies on the concept of empowerment, to raise awareness among employees, managers, and academicians, especially regarding structural and psychological empowerment, and to increase the applicability of structural and psychological empowerment by adopting it to health professionals. His study contributes to the effect of nurses' structural and psychological empowerment on safe nursing and employee safety culture.

Structural and psychologıcal empowerment,surgıcal nurses,patıent and employee safety culture


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