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Ionizing Radiation Effects In Vitro Study; Using The Rat Whole Embryo Culture Model

Background: Ionizing radiation poses a threat to the early embryo possibly leading to prenatal death, growth retardation, organ malformation, or mental retardation. It is important, assessment of any adverse effects of radiation upon the embryo. This study aimed to evaluate the outcomes of embryos irradiated with 1Gy doses in vitro and investigate hematopoiesis in the yolk sac of the irradiated embryos.

Materials and methods: In the study, the experimental group of rats was be exposed to total body ionizing radiation on days 8.5th of gestation. All embryos in the control and radiation group cultured from gestation day 9.5 to 11.5 were alive at the end of the culture period. After 48 hours culture period, the embryos from each group were harvested and analyzed morphologically. Histological evaluation of the vWF+ cell number was performed in vivo.

Results: The results showed that the embryonic growth and development during organogenesis decreased in the radiation exposed embryos when compared to control embryos.  Additionally, the immunofluorescent examination showed that the vWF+ cell number reduced in the yolk sac of embryos exposed to ionizing radiation.

Conclusion: Consequently, these findings support the conclusion that 1 Gy ionizing irradiation may increase prenatal death, intrauterine growth restriction on embryonic development when ionizing irradiation decreases the vWF+ cell number in the yolk sac compared to control embryos. This research related to radiation was the first study using the in vitro embryo culture technique; thus, future studies that will be performed by using different doses of radiation will contribute to the literature.

Embryo culture, Ionizing irradiation, Rat, vWF, Yolk sac


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