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Aim: The aim of the study was to evaluate factors affecting pain beliefs and depression levels of elderly ındividuals who apply to the family health center Material and Methods: Sample of the study with cross-sectional qualities consisted of 413 elderly individuals who applied to Family Health Center between February-March 2020. Data were collected by Patient Information form, Pain Beliefs Scale (PBS) and Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS). Results: It has been determined that 72% of elderly individuals experience constant pain. “Organic Beliefs” sub-dimension average score of elderly individuals was found to be 2.91±0.74 while “Psychological Beliefs” sub-dimension average score was 2.86±0.83. The 'organic beliefs' sub-dimension mean scores of men, those who felt their general health well and who stated that they did not experience constant pain in the last 6 months were higher. The "psychological beliefs" sub-dimension point average of those with bad income level was found higher. 47.9% of the elderly individuals participating in the research are in definite depression. Among the elderly individuals, women, those who are single, those who have a fragmented family type, those who feel the health condition very badly and who have experienced constant pain in the last 6 months GDÖ levels are higher. A medium-level positive relationship was found between organic beliefs and GDÖ. Conclusion: It was found that the vast majority of elderly individuals experience constant pain. In addition, elderly individuals believe that pain has organic causes and almost half of them experience depression. It has been determined that as the organic pain beliefs increase in elderly individuals, their depression levels increase.

Elderly individual, Pain, Depression, Pain Beliefs.


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