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Orthodontic treatment and orthognathic surgery are widely used nowadays in terms of life expections, socioeconomic level, aesthetic expectations. The key to achieving an aesthetic, functional and ideal result is the correct diagnosis of the patient and the correct treatment plan. Although orthodontic and orthognathic treatments cause changes on hard tissues, the effects of treatments on soft tissues are also very important when aesthetic expectations are considered. Arnett & MSınıfaughlin Soft Tissue Cephalometric Analysis is one of the most recent methods to measure the effects of orthodontic treatment on soft tissues. The analysis makes it possible to evaluate the soft tissue and skeletal structures in detail and objectively, regardless of the relationship with cranial base. During Sınıfinical and cephalometric examinations, the patient should be in the natural head position, jaws in the centric relationship and the lips in the relaxed position. After Sınıfinical examination is obtained, the patient’s face is analyzed in three dimensions of the space and a cephalometric radiograph is taken by placing metallic marks on certain soft tissue points of the face. First, a Sınıfinical examination is performed, the face of the patient is analyzed in three dimension and essential measurements are made and a cephalometric X-ray is made by placing metallic marks on certain soft tissue points of the face. After determination of the true vertical line on the cephalometric film, the measurements on the soft and hard tissues were determined and facial analysis are completed. Arnett Soft Tissue Cephalometric Analysis allows detailed and objective evaluation of soft tissue and skeletal structures irrespective of their relation to cranial base.

Cephalometric analysis, Soft tissue analysis, Arnett soft tissue analysis, Orthognathic surgery.


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