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Introduction and Aim: With the increase of the geriatric population, the need for effective care and treatment of many older adults with psychiatric disorders and behavioral problems has become more visible. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is one of the effective interventions used in Geropsychiatric care. In this review, it is aimed to draw attention to the fact that acceptance and determination therapy applied in geropsychiatric care is an effective method. Method: The literature review was carried out using the keywords "kabul ve kararlılık terapisi", "yaşlılarda kabul ve kararlılık terapisi", "acceptance and commitment therapy", "acceptance and commitment therapy on elderly" in current databases. Findings: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy aims to enable the individual to recognize the feelings, thoughts and behaviors of the moment they are in, accept them as they are, open a place in their mind and turn to behaviors that serve their values. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a treatment approach that encourages people to experience and manage negative emotions and thoughts, and its main purpose is to increase psychological flexibility. When the literature is reviewed, acceptance and determination therapy; It improves the quality of life in elderly people, has a positive effect on diabetes-related emotional discomfort, fear of death and obsession, reduces chronic pain severity, anxiety, depression, increases self-efficacy and social adaptation, improves quality of life in elderly women, and perceived negative stress in elderly men with cardiovascular disorders It appears to reduce. The mode of application of the intervention may differ. When the literature is examined, it is seen that the intervention is generally applied as a group session, but there are also studies performed individually. In addition, it has been observed that there is no standard for the number and duration of sessions, and it can be applied at different times and frequencies. Conclusion and Recommendations: The studies examined have shown that Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is an effective geropsychiatric care intervention that can be applied to individuals to adapt to physical, social and psychological changes due to the aging process. It is recommended to inform nurses about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, to raise awareness about the usability and application of these approaches, to apply this intervention in geropsychiatric care and to share the results of the application.

Geropsychiatric Care, Acceptance And Commitment Therapy, Nursing


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