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Evaluation of The Relationships Between Depression and Nutritional Knowledge, Dietary Habits and Eating Attitudes in Adolescents

Aim: This study aimed to evaluate the relationships between depression and nutritional knowledge, dietary habits and eating attitudes in adolescents. Methods: The research involved 11th grade students of Güzelyurt region, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. By stratified random sampling method, 192 students were included. Following anthropometric measurements, questionnaires comprising Eating Attitude Test-26 (EAT-26), Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), as well as questions about nutrition knowledge, habits, and behaviors were administered. Results: A statistically significant positive correlation was found between body mass index (BMI) value and BDI scores (r=0.16, p<0.05). There is a statistically significant correlation between EAT-26 scores and BDI score (r=0.24, p<0.05). There is a statistically significant and negative correlation between students' nutritional behavior and habit scores and BDI scores (r=-0.3, p<0.05). Of the students, 17.2% smoke. The mean scores of these students' nutritional knowledge levels were lower than those who did not smoke (p<0.05). Conclusion: Depression is an important factor affecting dietary habits, eating attitude and also body weight control in adolescent period. In this age group, in addition to depression, negative lifestyle factors such as smoking may also play a role in insufficient nutrition knowledge and negative dietary behavior and habits. The present results indicate that strategies to reduce factors such as depression and smoking in adolescents should be developed to prevent nutrition-related chronic diseases in the future.

Adolescents, nutrition knowledge, dietary habits, eating attitudes, depression


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