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Cancer is one of the most important health problems nowadays. As the number of patients with cancer gradually climbs up, the services provided in this area are becoming more and more crucial as well. Cancer care is a complex process, requring skilled and accountable management at all levels. In addition, many new treatment options are being developed and introduced in the oncology field and new developments are taking place. While planning oncology services, up-to-date changes and innovations should be taken into consideration, services should be attuned to the changes, and the priorities and plans should be determined and developed accordingly. Ensuring that the oncology services are of high quality and systematic will ensue that both patients and clinical outcomes as well as the healthcare professionals working in these areas are influenced positively. Developments and advances in the field of oncology bring along the need for professional staff and planning. This requirement will only continue to grow in the coming years. Nurses are among the indispensable and most vital health professionals when it comes to oncology services. Cancer patients need intensive nursing care during inpatient and outpatient treatment. Being taken care of professional oncology nurses in this process will positively affect the patients’ disease and treatment processes. However, oncology nurses do not want to work in the field for a long time due to the working conditions and the problems they face. This is why, in cases and places where oncology services are employed, conditions and situations such as workforce planning, training, working conditions of the nurses should be evaluated, necessary and adequate planning should be prepared accordingly and necessary measures should be taken.

oncology services; oncology nursing; nursing management; workforce


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