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Association between Musculoskeletal System Pain and Sleep Quality in Healthcare Professionals

Aim: In this study, the purpose was to determine the level of sleep quality in healthcare employees, and to identify its association with the Musculoskeletal System (MSS) pain. Method: The study had a cross-sectional design, and was conducted in Kirklareli between April and May 2019 with 408 healthcare employees. The data were collected face-to-face with the help of Personal Information Form, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, and International Physical Activity Survey - Short Form. Results: A total of 66.4% of participants had poor sleep quality. The MSS pain prevalence of the participants up to the study period and during the study was 93.9%, 72.8%, respectively. The areas with the most-frequent pain were the waist, neck and shoulder. Significant differences were detected between the gender, age, profession, professional seniority, institution worked, most-frequent working style, on-duty status, working posture, and smoking status and sleep quality(p<0.05). In Multivariate Logistics Regression Models that were adjusted according to some characteristics, the employees with MSS pain during the study period had a high likelihood of having poor sleep quality was 2.156 times (AOR, 95% CI:1.286; 3.616), and 3.147 times higher in those with neck pain (AOR, 95% CI:1.721; 5.756). Conclusion: Two-thirds of healthcare employees had poor sleep quality. During the study, three-fourths of the participants had MSS pain. Those with MSS pain and neck pain during the study were found to be more likely to have poor sleep quality. Trainings should be planned for the health promotion of employees, and opportunities should be provided for their participation. Problems that arise from working system should be reduced, and the sensitivity of administrators should be increased.

Sleep quality; Musculoskeletal System; Pain; Healthcare employees.


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