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Alcohol, Tobacco, Medical Device Use and Wellness In Older Age

Objective: This research was conducted to reveal the relationship between alcohol, tobacco, medical device use and the wellness of older individuals. There has not been found any study investigating the relationship of alcohol, tobacco and medical device use and wellness in older adults in Turkey yet examples are very limited in the world. In this respect, one of the aims of the research is to contribute to the literature and to pave the way for a new research area. Method: Voluntary interviews were conducted with individuals aged 60 and over inhabited in the central districts of Antalya, Konyaaltı, Muratpaşa and Kepez. In order to collect data, socio-demographic information form, a questionnaire about alcohol, cigarette and medical device use, and the Well-Being Scale were used. The data were analysed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences 25.0 package program. Descriptive statistical analysis and T test for two independent groups were performed after data recording control with exploratory data analysis. The level of significance was accepted as p <.05. Results and Conclusion: While there was no statistically significant difference between alcohol use (p = 0.166 t = 1.388) and smoking habits (p = 0.176 t = 1.295) and wellness, individuals with no alcohol and smoking habit were found to have higher wellness scores. Within the scope of medical device use, there was no statistically significant relationship between use of glasses (p=0,976 t=0,030), hearing aid use (p=0.366 t=0,905), cane use (p = 0.432 t=0,787), wheelchair use (p = 0.557 t=0,588), orthopaedic prosthesis use (p = 0.640 t=0,469) and denture use (p = 0.222 t=1,211), and wellness.. Finally, it was determined that there was no significant relationship between individuals' disability (p = 0.990 t=0,012) and their wellness. Although there was not a statistically significant relationship, the differences in the average wellness scores of individuals requires specific interpretations for each different case.

Keywords: wellness in elderly, medical device use, alcohol and smoking habit


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